I use Positive Reward based Techniques as my approach to all types of Training and Behaviour.    A dog easily picks up on your mood and this influences all aspects of your time spent with them.   Training should not only be fun, but it should also help you develop a bond that will give you a loving and loyal, lifelong friend.

My own dog was chained up to a tree for the first 8 months ( at least ) of her life and emaciated. She was owned by an alcoholic who beat his wife around so much that she moved out.  He just threw a few biscuits on the ground for her to eat, a bucket of water ( if it hadn't been pulled over by the chain ), and a ring of dry foeces as far as this chain would stretch. (Picture No 3 below where I had bought her something decent to eat ). I bought her off the owner and eventually got her home.  She was suffering from severe fear aggression and -  apart from de training her with the cat - it was very hard work bringing her round to the dog she is now - but we got there!!  She also had to be toilet trained as she was used to going in her immediate vicinity - yes I did have to change the carpet!!  She had no concept of 'Play' in the early days. When I threw a ball she just stared at it and did not understand,  but now she loves chasing balls and frisbies!!  She would also not even venture into a shallow stream but now she crashes into the waves on the beach and is an excellent swimmer. 

 We are now working on the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Syllabus and have just mastered the Emergency Stop!!

Whatever your problem, you and your household need to be consistent in your approach and be prepared to put in the time and trouble that you need to, after my sessions are over. Of course, I will always be at the end of the phone, or email - I will not leave you in the lurch