Cat Sitting and Feeding

Using this service means your cat can stay in their familiar and comfortable surroundings while you are away - and you don't have to impose on your neighbours or friends either!

When feeding your cats, I will stay for approximately 20 mins to give your pet some love and attention, and to play with them while you are away.

Longer visits can also be arranged as required.


Small Animal Feeding

Visits are also available for small animals such as gerbils, rabbits, hamster and fish.
I will feed and look after them according to your instructions.

With all these visits, there will be a free of charge consultations where I will take all the details I am likely to need, leaving you to go away without any worry about home and your extended family!


The following is always included:

  • Provision of their food and fresh water
  • Cleaning of their eating area, litter trays and any accidents!
  • Play and cuddles as required
  • Basic grooming
  • Administering basic medication
  • Home security checks and bringing in post
  • Watering indoor plants
  • Switching lights on and off and opening and closing of  curtains / blinds
  • Taking out rubbish